To access exising cases in the new online portal, all attorneys and/or firms must complete the following pre-registration form. 


Format: 555-555-5555



You will need to enter the information for each attorney associated with your firm. Attorneys ARDC numbers must be entered in an 8-digit format. To enter in an 8-digit format, place zeroes in front of the ARDC number. Example: If the number is 6123456 you would enter it in as 06123456.

Email addresses must be unique to each user; using a duplicate email address will result in a failure to create a user account. 

Please download the sample template below, fill in the required information and upload the file. Please note the spreadsheet must be in XLS or XLSX format and include a column for the following:

  • ARDC# in the proper 8-digit format (See above).
  • Attorney's First Name
  • Attorney's Last Name
  • Attorney's Email Address

Failure to include all required information in the proper format will result in attorneys not getting appropriate access to cases. 

Firm Attorney List Sample Template

Attorney List Upload


Please upload a list of case numbers for any ongoing or active cases those for which your firm will need to submit proposed orders.

  • An attorney from your firm must be an attorney of record for a party on the case
  • Restricted case types are excluded from the portal (AD, JA, JD, JV, JI, MH, etc.) 
  • Impounded or sealed cases will also be unavailable through the portal
  • Case numbers must be entered in 12 or 14 character format ex: 23CF00000001 or 20L 00000001, 2023CF00012345 (as they appear in the portal)
    • Failure to provide valid case number or correctly formatted case number will result in access not being granted or delay in processing of your request. 
If you need access to addditional cases please list your cases on an excel spreadsheet and upload below (file format xls, xlsx). Your case numbers must be listed in the proper 12 character format.

Case Number List Template
Case List Upload