New litigation

imageThe civil division accepts all new civil filings, with the exception of Small Claims.
Small claims cases must be filed with the Small Claims division.  
Once a case has been filed, the clerks are responsible for a number
of processes involved in each case:
  • Answering all telephone inquiries regarding specific cases
  • Issuing summons and subpoenas in all on-going cases
  • Issuing post-judgment garnishments
  • Filing and recording documents for all cases
  • Setting court dates for various matters 


  • How do I set up a Motion to see a Judge?

    If you are an attorney, you may either call the Judge’s clerk directly for a date or you may request a date in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office.  If you are Pro Se (representing yourself), you must come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to set up a Motion date.
  • Can I fax or email a document to the Circuit Clerk’s Office for filing?

    Documents for filing must be done in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, sent through the mail or sent in by a messenger service.  We DO NOT accept filings or requests for forms by fax.
  • What if a form or packet that I need is not online?

    You may come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to pick up the forms or packets.  You may also request through the mail by sending a letter of request and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We DO NOT fax forms.
  • Can I view case information online?

    Limited case information is available online using our Public Access.  You may also call the Civil Division at 847.377.3209 for case information.
  • I need to take the father or mother of my child to court for child support. What do I need to do?

    You may obtain an attorney.  The Lake County Bar Association at 847.244.3140 can give you attorney or legal service referrals.  You may also contact the State’s Attorney Child Support Division at 847.377.3131 to see if you qualify for their services.  If you do not want an attorney and want to file for child support on your own, you may go to the Law Library 847.377.2800 located on the main floor of the Courthouse to see if they have forms or obtain forms from another source.
  • Do you accept personal checks?

    No, we do not accept personal checks.  We will accept cash, credit cards, money order, cashier’s checks and certified checks made payable to “Clerk of the Circuit Court”.