Pursuant to Administrative Order 98-01, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is designated to review documentation demonstrating that at the time of an arrest for operating an uninsured motor vehicle in Lake County, Illinois, the vehicle in question was covered by an insurance liability policy in accordance with section 7-601 of the Mandatory Insurance Act.

If you have been issued a ticket for failure to carry proof of insurance, the Clerk of the Circuit Court by means of administrative dismissal may dismiss this case.  The ticket may only be dismissed under the following conditions:

  • The defendant provides written documentation establishing that the vehicle in question was covered by a liability insurance policy at the time of the charge.  The defendant is required to bring an Original Document (copies will not be accepted), showing the Effective Date and Expiration Date of the insurance policy.  The document must contain the make, model and year of the vehicle.  In cases where the defendant does not have his/her insurance card, a letter from the insurance company indicating the same information along with a phone number and name of agent preparing the document will be accepted.
  • The defendant completes and signs an affidavit including his/her name and address, a statement that the vehicle was covered by insurance at the time the charge was issued and the name of the insurance company and policy number.
  • The defendant must show proof of insurance and sign the affidavit no later than one day prior to the court date indicated on the ticket.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court will retain a copy of the documentation presented and will make a notation of the disposition (dismissal) of the charge in the official court record.