Coming to court can sometimes be overwhelming,  the Circuit Clerk's Office strives to make the experience as unintimidating as possible.

Prior to coming to court we strongly urge you to explore all of the available options to you. These options are available to you on our Citations  page.  Please note this is for informational purposes only and the Circuit Clerk's Office does not provide legal advice.  If you do not intend on seeking legal advice from an attorney, please make sure to read the Notice to People Acting as Their Own Lawyer.

A Couple things before court...
  • We recommend you arrive at least 15 minute prior to your scheduled court time. 
  • Make sure to have a copy of your citation and/or any court date letter or slip you may have.
  • If presenting any documents such as proof of insurance, driver's license or registration, please make sure you have the documents with you and that they have been removed from any folder, sleeve or wallet.  Please note you do not need to present any of this documentation unless you have been charged with an offense relating to these compliance issues or have been previously instructed by the court to provide this information.

Hearing Impaired:
Individuals that are hearing impaired and require an ASL interpreter please contact our office at least 2 weeks prior to your court date so that we can make arrangements to have an interpreter present for you.

Non-English Speaking Parties
Spanish interpreters are available in court. All other languages are available via the language line. Please notify the clerk upon check-in if an interpreter is required.


Please note the following are based on standard procedures of our traffic branch courts, and may very based on location, presiding judge,  municipality and/or charges.

  • Courtroom doors will open approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled court time.
  • First you will need to check in with the clerk in the courtroom.  Please have your copy of your ticket ready.  The clerk will check you in by your last and first name.
  • Let the clerk know if you require an interpreter or have any impairment you need assistance with.
  • Also if you have hired an attorney to represent you please notify the clerk of this as well.
  • Once you have checked in you may take a seat and wait for your name to be called unless otherwise instructed.


  • Wait for you name to be called and  follow any instructions given by the deputy, prosecutor or presiding judge.
  • After you appear before the judge, you will need to see the clerk in the courtroom if you were sentenced to supervision, ordered to attend a class,  to pay a fine etc,. The clerk will provide you any necessary paperwork you may need, including the total amount you owe. 
  • You may also need to sign a supervision agreement or other documents.
  • The clerk will provide you with instructions as to your payment options and any other further action you may need to take.


  • Court costs are based on the fine amount and sentences imposed by the presiding judge.
  • Court costs are imposed by the State.  The Circuit Clerk, State's Attorney and Judge are not responsible for determining the court costs.  
  • Please note the Circuit Clerk's office is unable to determine what the total amount you will owe for your citation is until you have appeared in front of the judge.  This information will be provided to you upon check-out.
  • The clerk will provide you with information regarding your payment options and due date.
  • Payments can be at the front counter or through the mail. Please note the Circuit Clerk's Office does NOT accept personal checks for payment (ATMs are available at every location)
  • Acceptable forms of payment are:
  • Cash (Do not send cash through the mail)
  • Money Order or Certified Check
  • Debit and Credit Cards (an additional processing fee will be applied)


For other questions or information please contact us.