Procedures for filing Wills and/or Probate:

  • Wills must be filed within thirty days after the date of death
  • Wills cannot be filed prior to death
  • The original Will must be filed
  • The deceased must have been a resident of Lake County
  • The clerk will maintain the original Will
  • Forms to probate a Will or to probate without a Will are provided on this website
  • The petition to have a Will probated and the original Will can be filed at the same time
  • The petition must be filed prior to receiving a court date
  • Court dates are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for attorneys only at 9:00 AM. Fridays are for pro se litigants at 9:00 AM 

Forms used when opening a Probate Estate:

Certificate of Attorney - Civil
Petition for Probate and for Letters
Acceptance of Office
Acceptance and Oath of Office
Claim Notice
Declination of Office
Affidavit of Heirship Surving Spouse or Descendants
Affidavit of Heirship No Surviving Spouse or Descendants
Order Appointing Representative of Decedent's Estate
Order Declaring Heirship
Waiver of Notice Appearance for Letters of Office and Consent
Oath of Office and Bond
Renunciation of Will

Forms used to Close an Estate:

Final Report of Independent Representative
Receipt Consent and Waiver On Closing Of Decedent's Estate
Order of Discharge