To the Attorneys:

The attorney portal is up, however, the processing involved to include all of you as active attorneys on your cases is very tedious and is taking us a significant amount of time to complete.  The more attorneys, within a firm, that are connected to a case, the longer it takes us.  

Please understand that the implementation of this system was and continues to be an enormous undertaking.  We are the 3rd largest county and completed a roll out for all four justice partners.  Once we become more comfortable with this system, we will look at making more changes to make it even more user friendly. 


Thank you!

We are pleased to announce that our new online portal is now available. The new online portal allows attorneys and users to access the following:

  • Access basic case information
  • Download court documents
  • Pay fines and fees online
  • Submit proposed orders to the court

To ensure firms and attorneys have proper access to their cases they must complete their registration with our office. Failure to register with our office and provide cases in which you are the attorney of record will result in attorneys not having proper access to their cases.

Use this form to register a firm and associated attorneys. 

Use this form to register if you are a sole practioner. 

Use this form if you have already registered for an account but would like to request access to your active cases.

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Accessing Court Documents with Case Access Document Image - Court Calls
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