Lake Court Access Privacy Policy

The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the 19th Judicial Circuit of Illinois, its agents and its representatives may monitor the use of this application for illegal, criminal, and unauthorized activities. If these activities are detected, the Clerk’s Office may provide evidence of such to law enforcement officials. The Clerk’s Office may monitor the use of this system to capture usage statistics. The personal information of users visiting this Web site will not be identified through our data collection process, except as provided below.

The Clerk’s Office may collect information in order to improve this service and to derive metrics about its use by authorized users. Example of information we may collect include:

  • Cases and calendars searched and displayed.
  • Documents searched and made available.
  • Actions taken on documents displayed.
We may also collect other information when you use this service. This includes details of when and how you used this service, as well as referral URL.