• How do I get a court date?

    You will need to contact the Circuit Clerk's Office to get an court date prior to submitting your e-filing.
  • Who do I contact if I have a question regarding a filing?

    Small Claims Division
    (847) 377-3226

    • Small Claims
    • Law Magistrate
    • All post judgment filings:
      • Citations to Discover Assets
      • Citations to a Third Party
      • Affidavits of Wage and Non-Wage garnishments

    Probate Division
    (847) 377-3260

    • Testate and Intestate Decedents Estates
    • Guardianship matters

    Juvenile Branch Court
    (847) 377-7888

    • Adoption filings

    General Division
    (847) 377-3209

    • All other Civil Filings


  • Who do I contact for technical support for e-Filing?

    Please contact the Electronic Filing Service Provider that you are using for technical and account issues.  The Lake County Circuit Clerk's office does not support the systems and does not have access to your account information. 
  • How long does it take for the Circuit Clerk's Office to review my filing?

    It may take up to 48 business hours for review.  Due to the high volume of e-Filing submissions, the review time is taking longer than normal.  If you have a time sensitive matter please contact our office with your envelope number.
  • How do I know if my filing has been accepted?

    Once your filing has been reviewed and either accepted or rejected, you will receive an email with the status of your document.  For accepted filings the email will include a link to your file stamped documents. 
  • Do I need to register for e-Filing?

    Yes, before you can e-file, you must register with a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP).  A list of certified EFSPs are available at http://efile.illinoiscourts.gov/service-providers.htm.
  • Can I still file paper documents with the Circuit Clerk's Office?

    As of January 1, 2018 the Circuit Clerk's Office can no longer accept Civil filings on paper, pursuant to the State e-Filing mandate.  All Civil filings, with exception of court orders, must be submitted through e-Filing.  Any documents received after January 1, 2018 on paper will be returned to the filer. 
  • The system says my case number is not recognized, what do I do?

    Until our case management system is integrated with the e-Filing system, the system will not recognize your case number.  You may still file into your case but you will need to enter your information manually.  For further instructions please visit the support page for Filing Into an Existing Case.  
  • Can I file multiple documents in one envelope?

    Yes, as long as the documents are being filed under the same case number you can file multiple documents with in an envelope.  Each document must be uploaded as a separate PDF.  
  • How do I get a file stamped copy of my documents?

    Once a filing is accepted an email with a link to your file stamped documents will be sent to you. The document link will be available for 30 days.  Please make sure that you download and/or print the documents within 30 days of receiving the email.
  • My filing was rejected, what do I do?

    Please read the notes included with your rejected filing.  Make the appropriate corrections and resubmit to our office.  For further information regarding rejected filings please visit our ​Rejected Filings support page. 

For additional FAQ's please visit the eFileIL FAQs page.