• How soon can I get a court date?

    Court dates are:

    14-40 days for a service address in Lake County

    30-40 days for a service address out of Lake County

    40-60 days for a service address out of the State of Illinois.

    This court date is also called the "return date".
  • Do you have to appoint a process server?

    If your server does not have a license, they must be appointed.  The Motion and Order to Appoint a Process Server may be obtained from our website or in person at our office.  If your server has a license, they do not need to be appointed.
  • Is there a fee to serve the papers?

    Yes, the fee for certified mail is $16.00 per defendant.  Please contact the Sheriff's Office for their service fees.  Their phone number is 847.377.4400.  Private process servers set their own fees.
  • How do I serve the papers?

    There are three ways you can attempt service.

    • Certified mail through the Clerk of the Circuit Court
    • Sheriff of Lake County
    • Private Process Server
  • What do I need to file a small claims case?

    You will need a Complaint, Summons and a blank Appearance Form.  Please have the original and three copies of the Complaint and Summons when you file your case.  If you are suing more than one person, you will need an extra complaint and summons.  You may obtain the Complaint, Summons and Appearance from our website or in person at our office.
  • How do I obtain a record of child support payments made?

    You can request a payment record from the child support division.  Requests can be made in person or through the mail.  The fee for the payment record is:

        $6.00 per page.

    If you plan on requesting the payment record through the mail, please call 847.377.3324 first to find out the fee amount.

  • The judge ordered the father/mother of my child to make a support payment after leaving court. When will I receive this payment?

    These payments are made in the Circuit Clerk's Office, but the checks are issued by the State Disbursement Unit.  Please allow 10 to 14 business days for  your check to arrive.
  • My child support payments are taken directly from my paycheck and I am changing jobs. What do I need to do?

    You will need to get a new Illinois Withholding Income for Support  with new employer information.  This form needs to be filled out and electronically filed with the Circuit Clerk's Office.  If your case is handled by the State's Attorney, please contact their child support division at 847.377.3125. 
  • I've misplaced a child support check. What can I do?

    If the check was issued by the State Disbursement Unit, you will need to call them at 877.225.7077.  If the check was issued by the Circuit Clerk, a stop payment can be issued 10 working days after the check was mailed.  Please call the support division at 847.377.3324 to request a stop payment.
  • I would like to have the amount of my child support increased/decreased. What do I need to do?

    You must file a Motion and Notice of Motion with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and then appear in front of a judge.   Child support can only be modified by court order.
  • My child will be 18 soon. What do I need to do to have child support terminated?

    You must file a Motion and Notice of Motion with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and then appear in front of a judge.  Child support can only be terminated by court order.
  • I have not received my child support payment. What can I do?

    If a payment has not been made and it has been more than 30 days since you received a payment, you may file a Notice of Motion and Motion to schedule a court date.  These forms must be filed in person.  If you were assisted by the State's Attorney, you should call them first at 847.377.3125 before filing any paperwork with the Circuit Clerk's Office.

    Payment information will not be given over the phone.  Only parties or attorneys on the case are given payment information.  This can be accomplished one of three ways:

    1. At the Circuit Clerk's Office with a valid picture ID.
    2. Send in a letter including a photocopy of a valid picture ID.
    3. The attorney of record may make a request
  • Do you accept personal checks?

    No, we do not accept personal checks.  We will accept cash, credit cards, money order, cashier’s checks and certified checks made payable to “Clerk of the Circuit Court”.
  • Do you need a cover sheet for new case filings?

    Yes.  There is a cover sheet for civil suits and one for divorce/family cases.  They are called Certificate of Attorney.  
  • Do you accept Discovery filings?

    No, we do not accept Discovery filings.  However, we do accept a Proof of Service or Certificate of Service in lieu of the actual document.
  • I need to take the father or mother of my child to court for child support. What do I need to do?

    You may obtain an attorney.  The Lake County Bar Association at 847.244.3140 can give you attorney or legal service referrals.  You may also contact the State’s Attorney Child Support Division at 847.377.3131 to see if you qualify for their services.  If you do not want an attorney and want to file for child support on your own, you may go to the Law Library 847.377.2800 located on the main floor of the Courthouse to see if they have forms or obtain forms from another source.
  • Can I view case information online?

    Limited case information is available online using our Public Access.  You may also call the Civil Division at 847.377.3209 for case information.
  • What if a form or packet that I need is not online?

    You may come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to pick up the forms or packets.  You may also request through the mail by sending a letter of request and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We DO NOT fax forms.
  • Can I fax or email a document to the Circuit Clerk’s Office for filing?

    Documents for filing must be done in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, sent through the mail or sent in by a messenger service.  We DO NOT accept filings or requests for forms by fax.
  • How do I set up a Motion to see a Judge?

    If you are an attorney, you may either call the Judge’s clerk directly for a date or you may request a date in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office.  If you are Pro Se (representing yourself), you must come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to set up a Motion date.