• Is there a fee for paying online?

    There is a small, non-refundable, convenience fee for using the online payment system, that is charged by our vendor.  The fee is neither charged, nor collected by the Circuit Clerk's Office and will be disclosed prior to you submitting your payment.

  • Can I pay any criminal or traffic fees online?

    To pay a criminal or traffic fee online, you must have already plead guilty to or been found guilty and owe an outstanding balance of Fines, Cost & Fees and/or Restitution. The Lake County Circuit Clerk's Office DOES NOT accept guilty pleas or court diversion (supervision by mail) online.
  • There is a financial hold on my license, how long will it take for it to be lifted once I pay my fine?

    Once your payment is posted, the Circuit Clerk’s Office will notify the Secretary of State that your case has been paid in full. However, it may take a few weeks for the Secretary of State to update their record. You may contact our office to obtain a copy of your Failure to Pay Receipt if you are visiting a Secretary of State Driver’s License Facility to renew.

  • Where can I find out the outstanding balance on my case(s)?

    You may visit our Public Access site and look up your case number or name. Once you find your case you will click on the Financials tab.  The assessments and outstanding balance on your case will be displayed on this page.  Please note any amount owed to restitution will not be displayed.  For Restitution information please contact our office at 847-377-3380.
  • How long does it take to process my payment?

    Payments may take up to 5 business days to post. If your court date is within the next week or within the past few days, you should pay in person at any one of our court locations. You may check the status of your outstanding balance on our Public Access site. 

  • Can I pay for more than one case?

    If paying multiple cases, each payment must be submitted individually for proper application to the cases. 

  • What information do I need to pay my online?

    You will need the following information to make an online payment:
    • Case Number (Example 17CM12345)
    • Defendant's name
    • Defendant's date of birth
    • Valid email address
  • Where can I find my case number?

    Your case number should have been provided to you on any paperwork you received in court. Your case number must include alpha characters (example 17TR1234567) and will NOT appear on your citation.  If you do not have this paperwork you may look up your case number information on our Public Access site.  Please note Juvenile case information is not displayed on our public access site. 

  • What form(s) of payment will you take online?

    You must use a debit or credit card to pay online.  Please note a small non-refundable convenience fee will be applied. 

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  • Is there a fee to file a Will?

    No, there is no fee to file a Will.
  • Can I file an original Will by mail?

    Yes, the original Will can be filed by mail.  Please make copies 
    of the Will for yourself before mailing the original.
  • Should the Small Estate Affidavit be filed with the Circuit Clerk's Office?

    No, the Small Estate Affidavit should be brought to the financial institution that 
    is holding the funds.
  • On what days and times are probate hearings held?

    Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - Attorney Cases Only
    9:00 a.m.

    9:00 a.m. (pro se)
  • What information is needed to file a Will?

    We will need the original Will and the date of death.
  • Can a new estate be filed through the mail?

    As of January 1, 2018 all civil filings must be submitted electronically through a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP).  For more information please our e-Filing page.

  • Once the estate is filed do I call to set the court date?

    Yes, you may call to set the court date or you can indicate the date in the cover letter 
    when you file the estate.
  • What forms are needed to open an Estate?

    The original petition and the fee.
  • Is there a fee to file an accounting?

    Yes, the fee is $25.00
  • What is the fee for Letters of Office?

    Letters of Office are $2.00 each
  • Is there a fee to file a claim?

    Amount of claim less than $150.00 = no fee
    Amount of claim $150.00 to $499.99 = $20.00
    Amount of claim $500.00 to $9,999.99 = $40.00
    Amount of claim $10,000 or more = $60.00
  • I need to publish in the newspaper. What newspaper(s) may I use?

    Tribune Publishing

    Phone: 866-399-0537
    Fax: 312-527-8183

    Email: suburban.legal@tribpub.com

  • How do I set up a Motion to see a Judge?

    If you are an attorney, you may either call the Judge’s clerk directly for a date or you may request a date in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office.  If you are Pro Se (representing yourself), you must come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to set up a Motion date.
  • Can I fax or email a document to the Circuit Clerk’s Office for filing?

    Documents for filing must be done in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, sent through the mail or sent in by a messenger service.  We DO NOT accept filings or requests for forms by fax.
  • What if a form or packet that I need is not online?

    You may come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to pick up the forms or packets.  You may also request through the mail by sending a letter of request and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We DO NOT fax forms.
  • Can I view case information online?

    Limited case information is available online using our Public Access.  You may also call the Civil Division at 847.377.3209 for case information.
  • I need to take the father or mother of my child to court for child support. What do I need to do?

    You may obtain an attorney.  The Lake County Bar Association at 847.244.3140 can give you attorney or legal service referrals.  You may also contact the State’s Attorney Child Support Division at 847.377.3131 to see if you qualify for their services.  If you do not want an attorney and want to file for child support on your own, you may go to the Law Library 847.377.2800 located on the main floor of the Courthouse to see if they have forms or obtain forms from another source.
  • Do you accept Discovery filings?

    No, we do not accept Discovery filings.  However, we do accept a Proof of Service or Certificate of Service in lieu of the actual document.
  • Do you need a cover sheet for new case filings?

    Yes.  There is a cover sheet for civil suits and one for divorce/family cases.  They are called Certificate of Attorney.  
  • Do you accept personal checks?

    No, we do not accept personal checks.  We will accept cash, credit cards, money order, cashier’s checks and certified checks made payable to “Clerk of the Circuit Court”.