Before making a payment online, please be certain to read all of the information below.

To make a payment online, your case must meet the following requirements:

  • Your case must be a CF, CL, CM, CV, DT, OV or TR case type. 
  • You may also pay J, JI, and JD case types but you must already have the case information. The Circuit Clerk's Office will not provide information on these case types.
  • You must have already plead to or been found guilty and owe an outstanding balance of Fines, Cost & Fees and/or Restitution.
  • You must have the following for each case you wish to pay:
    • Case Number (must contain alpha characters example 77TR123456) Please note failure to provide your case number in the proper format may impact the processing of your payment.
    • Defendant's name
    • Defendant's date of birth
    • Valid Email address

If you do not know your case information please visit our Public Access site.

  • There is a small non-refundable convenience fee for using the online payment system that is charged by our vendor.  The fee is neither charged nor collected by the Circuit Clerk and will be disclosed prior to submitting your payment.
  • It is up to the payor to make sure that accurate information is submitted.  Any payment that is submitted with inaccurate case information will be voided with exception of the convenience fee.  To verify your case information please visit our Public Access site or call 847-377-3380. 
  • If restitution is owed on a case, any payments received will be applied towards restitution before being applied to any fines, costs or fees. 
  • If paying multiple cases, each payment must be processed individually for proper application to the cases. 
  • Payments may take up to 5 business days to post. If your court date is within the next week, you should pay in person at any one of our court locations. 
  • Only debit and credit cards accepted. 
For additional information please visit our FAQs page.


  • Confirm you have your Lake County Case Number to proceed.  Your ticket number is not your Lake County Case Number.
  • If your current balance due on the Public Access link is not greater than zero you cannot proceed with on-line payment.
  • You cannot plead guilty or request supervision through on-line payment.  Contact the appropriate Branch Court for assistance.
  • Payments Due within the week should be made in person at any of our Court Locations.

 Please confirm Case Number and Amount Due through the Public Access link above.

     GovPay Online Payment Webiste Image

If you do not have an email address, or should you need assistance in another language, you may also make a payment through the call center. Please note you will need the same case and party information listed above for an online payment,. We suggest you have the information readily available prior to calling. 

To make a payment by phone, please call 1- 888-604-7888, you will be prompted to give our Payment Location Code (PLC) the code is a001bt.