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ADDENDUM to RFP - Due Date Extension

QUESTION: Is Dun and Bradstreet number a requirement for consideration?
Pursuant to Section D.6., You must include the following with your submitted proposal:  “The last three years of audited financial statements and Dun and Bradstreet number.”

QUESTION: Can you please provide the types of laptops/tablets/mobile devices that will need to run the eCitation software?
ANSWER:The application should run on Windows laptops OS 7 and above. Each police department will have a different inventory but most likely they will run on a Toughbook running Windows or something similar.  As to handhelds it should run on iPhone, Android and Windows devices. Please note that bidders should specify what the hardware requirements are for their application.  It would be helpful to know any connectivity requirements necessary for the laptops to make the applications work efficiently.

QUESTION: Section Q. Bid Rigging and Rotating calls for a form attached hereto to be submitted with the proposal. Should there be a form attached with this RFP or do you expect Vendor to create one based on your text in Section Q?
ANSWER: ​​An Addendum will be sent out addressing your inquiry on Bid Rigging and Rotating.

QUESTION: Are any of the agencies currently able to query their RMS system and/or current citation solution (or CRIMS directly) for background and case-specific information?
ANSWER: If the agencies RMS vendor has a mobile product, they should have that capability.  If not, the RMS vendor would need to build in the court query capability.  If the vendor does not currently have a mobile product, then what is bid would need to add that capability.

QUESTION: In the RFP it is not exactly stated how many copies Lake County expects vendor to submit. Is one Original Proposal sufficient? No electronic copy required?
ANSWER: Pursuant to Section E.7., You must submit three hard copies of the final proposal, as well as a digitally formatted copy (Excel and/or Word), which may include text, graphs, charts, tables, figures, pictures, or similar exhibits.

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