Our system is not integrated at this time, so pre-existing cases are not currently recognized within the e-Filing system. You may still electronically file on these cases by entering the case information manually. Each EFSP is different as to how the information is displayed, but follow the same standard procedures.

To File Into an Existing Case:

1.  Log in to your EFSP account

2.  Select “File Into Existing Case”

3.  Select “Lake County” as your Location/Jurdisdiction

4.  Enter the case number (Example 17LM12455 - 2 digit year, case type and number, no spaces or dashes). Please note that you will not be able to search by party name until our systems are integrated. If you need to look up your case number and information please visit our Public Access site.

5. Disregard message and proceed to File Into Existing Case

6. Enter in the case information including the Case Category and Case Type for the case in which you are filing.

7.  Enter in the party names (you do not need to enter in the address information if you are filing into an existing case)

8.  Upload your first document

9.  Select the appropriate Security Code: “Confidential” or “Non-Confidential”

10. Save Changes

11. If you have additional documents to file for the case number, click "Add Additional Documents" to upload. THESE DO NOT GET ADDED AS AN ATTACHMENT.

12. Add any “Optional Service Fees” if Applicable

13. Review your filing summary and make sure all information is correct. 

14.  Submit your filing.

Please note that it may take up to 48 business hours for review. If you have any questions regarding your submitted filing please contact the General, Probate or Small Claims divisions. 

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