New litigation

imageThe civil division accepts all new civil filings, with the exception of Small Claims.
Small claims cases must be filed with the Small Claims division.  
Once a case has been filed, the clerks are responsible for a number
of processes involved in each case:
  • Answering all telephone inquiries regarding specific cases
  • Issuing summons and subpoenas in all on-going cases
  • Issuing post-judgment garnishments
  • Filing and recording documents for all cases
  • Setting court dates for various matters 


How do I set up a Motion to see a Judge?

Mar 9, 2015, 21:57 PM
How do I set up a Motion to see a Judge?
If you are an attorney, you may either call the Judge’s clerk directly for a date or you may request a date in person at the Circuit Clerk’s Office.  If you are Pro Se (representing yourself), you must come to the Circuit Clerk’s Office to set up a Motion date.
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