IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The below documents were generated the week prior and any recent changes to the court calls may not be reflected on the daily court call lists provided below. If you do not find your case or you would like to verify the court date information, please visit our Public Access Site.

Please note the below court calls are for cases being heard at the Lake County Court Complex at 18 N. County Street in Waukegan. If you have a case being heard at a branch location please contact us for more information.

09-26-2022 by Name
09-26-2022 by Room

09-27-2022 by Name
09-27-2022 by Room

09-28-2022 by Name
09-28-2022 by Room

09-29-2022 by Name
09-29-2022 by Room

FRIDAY - Court Not in Session
The Circuit Clerk's Office will be open but court will not be in session 

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